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Property tax (First Home Buyer Choice) - enquiry form

  • Read more about First Home Buyer Choice at First Home Buyer Choice | Revenue NSW
  • Under the Taxation Administration Act 1996, it is an offence to give false or misleading information
  • Interest and penalty may be imposed for failure to notify our office of a change in land usage within 3 months
  • If you need assistance completing this form, please contact us
  • This form is not to be used for objections. Objections can be made at Property tax objections
  • This form is only designed for property tax matters. If you wish to address your land tax, please visit Land tax online

Please complete this form to:

  • Advise of any changes to your contact details
  • Enter EFT details for an eligible refund
  • Apply for a special treatment of land
  • Notify change of use of land
  • Provide additional information