Revenue NSW

Hardship Review Board enquiry

You will need to attach documentary evidence to support your answers in this application. Evidence may include:

  • copies of your payslips, Centrelink statements or other evidence of your income
  • copies of your bank account, credit union or building society statements for the last three months
  • evidence of any loans or credit cards you have (please redact the card details)
  • evidence of any large debts, such as energy, gas or water bills
  • report from a doctor or psychologist explaining any medical condition
  • report from a case worker, social worker or other professional confirming domestic problems
  • police report or court documents to confirm domestic violence
  • rental statements, lease agreement or rate notice where applicable
  • details to be provided for the person you would like to give authority to act on your behalf

Provide as much supporting documentation as you can to help the Board understand your situation. Have this ready before you start your application. You cannot save a partially completed application.

Providing a false or deliberately misleading statement may lead to prosecution under Section 307A of the Crimes Act 1900.